TechSys Power International, LLC
TechSys Power International

Current Projects:

-AFCENT/ARCENT, Backup Power for Communication Systems Support in             
Southwest Asia (SWA)

-Food Lion - UPS Replacements 50 Locations - GA, NC, OH, PA, VA

-Commonwealth of Virginia Pre-Qualified SWaM Electrical Contractor

-Commonwealth of Virginia Pre-Qualified Power Conditioning Contractor

- Jones Lang LaSalle Maintenance Projects - North Carolina, Virginia

-Wells Fargo Critical Power Contractor

Recently Completed Projects:

Federal Reserve Bank Richmond, VA - UPS Battery replacement

- Food Lion Distribution Center UPS System

-DIA, Camp Walker, South Korea Data Center APC Hot Aisle Containment,PDUs,
InRow RCs, Critical Power Distribution and VESDA Fire Detection

-LF Wade International Airport Replace (3) Generators, St George Bermuda

- ASA Busduct replacement Alexandria, VA

- Liebert UPS 6 Cabinet Battery Replacement, FBI Headquarters, Washington DC

-Add APC XR Batt Cab DINFOS, FT Meade, MD

-FAA Site Surveys

-Camp Zama, Japan-Genertaor, (3) UPS, 8KV Service & Distribution

-FAA Seattle - 900KW Generator (2) 225KVA UPS & Distribution

-Time Warner Cable DC Plants Multiple Location

-Altruent Fire Alarm System - Greensboro, NC

-Wachovia Mortgage Office Remodel Projects, North Carolina

- EMCOR Facilities Services Maintenance Projects, North Carolina

- First Citizens Bank - CellWatch Systems Multiple Locations

- FAA Cleveland - Emergency Feeder Replacements

- Wells Fargo UPS Battery Replacements - Raleigh, NC

- Time Warner Rectifier and Battery Installations, 12 Locations, North Carolina

- Hosted Solutions Data Center Upgrades North Carolina

-EMCOR PDU Load Studies

-EMCOR ATS Load Studies

-Camp Carroll Daegu, South Korea - Replace/Upgrade Generator/ATS/(4)UPS

-FAA UPS Replacements Multiple Locations

-Wachovia Dealers Finance - Energy Efficient Lighting Upgrade

-Wells Fargo Café Energy Efficient Lighting Design and Installation

-Forsythe Technical College UPS Replacement, Winston-Salem, NC

-Fresh Market UPS & Distribution, Greensboro, NC

-FAA Motor Control Center Replacements, Leesburg, VA

- Bolo Pt dc Rectifier Battery Replacement Okinawa, Japan

- Torii Station UPS installation & Distribution Okinawa, Japan

- Hill 450 JWIT Generator Replacements Okinawa, Japan

- Langley AFB 20KW UPS Installation, Virginia

- FBI UPS Battery Replacement (480) cells, Washington DC

- Yakota AB (3) UPS installations and Critical Power Distribution Mainland, Japan

- FAA Power Monitoring System Oakland, CA

- FAA Power Monitoring System San Diego, CA

- Camp Zama UPS Battery Replacement (4) Cabinets Mainland, Japan

- Ft Buckner Critical power distribution Okinawa, Japan

- Camp Zama dc Rectifier Battery Replacements Mainland Japan

- Hardy Baracks dc Rectifier Battery Replacements Mainland Japan

- Kure dc Rectifier Battery Replacements Mainland Japan

- Torii Station dc Rectifier Battery Replacements (2 Strings) Okinawa, Japan

- Ft Buckner dc Rectifier Battery Replacements (6 strings) Okinawa, Japan

- Camp Courtney dc Rectifier Battery Replacements Okinawa, Japan

- FAA UPS Replacement & Critical Power Distribution Chicago, IL

- FAA UPS Replacement & Critical Power Distribution Houston, TX

- FAA dc Rectifier System and Critical Branch Power Princeton, MN

- FAA dc Rectifier System and Critical Branch Power Kankakee, IL

- FAA dc Rectifier System and Critical Branch Power Columbia, MO

- Wachovia Infrared testing North Carolina

- Hill 450 JWIT Generator Replacements Okinawa, Japan

- Camp Schwab Generator Replacements Okinawa, Japan

-Winston-Salem Journal UPS System Replacement, North Carolina

-Veterans Administration UPS Replacement North Carolina
Worldwide Critical Power Solutions
TechSys Power International is dedicated to providing turnkey solutions for customers' ac
and dc power needs anywhere in the world.  We work with the top manufacturers of
leading edge critical power technologies to ensure reliable redundant power for mission
critical facilities. We provide integration and installation support to Integrators, Factory
Reps and end users.  We also provide power quality, energy savings, load studies, and
electrical maintenance services.
Photo Courtesy of NASA